Episode 26 – Our 3 Levels of Communication As A Team

While it’s true that we coordinate transactions for our clients, that’s not all we do. Here’s a little taste of what our services encompass.

We get asked all the time about what it is that we do at Moncord Real Estate Professional Services. Truthfully, we’re more than just transaction coordination company. 

I would describe our services in terms of three levels of communication:

1. The transaction group. This includes the lender, co-op broker, and escrow. Our goal here is to really provide them with all of the information they need in a timely manner so that we can be sure we close on time and make sure we’re moving through the transaction at the proper speed. We check in with them at various points throughout the transaction, making sure we’re set with the inspection, the appraisal, and anything the lender needs to close on time.

Our goal is to help you move your transactions forward to closing as quickly and smoothly as possible.

2. Your client. Our goal with them is to be as productive as possible. We want to answer questions for them as soon as they have them. Right when we get mutual acceptance, we let them know what comes next and what they can expect over the next week. We also check in with them after the inspection is completed, after the appraisal is completed, and again about a week before closing. This way, you aren’t getting those logistical questions but instead focusing on their lives and nurturing a relationship during your conversations with them. 

3. Everybody. We send out weekly updates to give everyone an idea of what’s happening in the transaction and what the next steps are. We’re sending that out based on the day we get mutual acceptance, and it will be weekly from there. It gives everyone a chance to get on the same page. A lot of times, this leads to quicker closings and an ability to solve problems faster.

Our goal as a team is to help you move your transactions forward to closing as quickly and smoothly as possible so that you can get more done in your business. If you have any questions about our business or what we provide in our transactions, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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