Choose the Service that fits your needs best


“I don’t have to go in and do small documents back and forth, or contact the escrow company, or contact the other sides lender. It saves me a ton of time in making those phone calls or making those documents, so it is a great value for me.”

MOLLY HAINES, Keller Williams Realty

Choose the Service that fits your needs best

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Premier Services

The most popular service and the one our company was built upon. We have helped hundreds of agents/brokers close more than $5 billion in real estate transactions!

· Transaction Coordination
· Listing Coordination
· Provide each client a Licensed Designated Coordinator*
· Transaction Dashboard Access
· Office Compliance Support

This service is an exclusive membership for brokers/agents who close more than 18 transactions per year.

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Transaction Lite

This service will help supplement some of the laborious tasks of updating your office systems like KW Command, Skyslope, and others. We also provide an initial overview of your mutual purchase and sale agreements.

· Review all of your mutually accepted purchase and sale agreements
· Provide a 1 page, branded to your business, purchase and sale summary
· Access to our Transaction Dashboard so you get visibility into the transactions we have in your queue.

The service is best for brand new agents or seasoned agents who either need to get assistance for their team or just need some additional support to help offset some of these tasks at a very very low cost.

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Coaching and Consulting

We leverage a proven framework to help you make the right choices that will position your team and company to gain an advantage in the marketplace. Our years of experience and insights will be leveraged to assist you in thriving. Coaching and Consulting for real estate agents, transaction coordinators, real estate support staff, and small businesses under 50 employees.

· Business Consulting
· Business Coaching

Whether you are an owner of a small or medium sized organization this Service is for you.

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