Real Estate Consulting and Coaching

Drive more business by learning how to execute your company's vision and mission with effective and proven strategies.

Uncover and Identify New Business Success

With over $4 billion in transactions closed, supporting hundreds of clients nationwide, and a proven track record for creating a winning company culture...we can help you identify where your business is primed for growth.  Leverage our tried and true success in the real estate industry and Fortune 20 corporate leadership experience to gain the right type of insights needed to execute at a high level to scale your company's vision!

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Understand and leverage frameworks built to organize, process, and systemize your business.

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Experienced and successful consultants and coaches to help you on your business journey no matter where you are currently at.

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Help you align and execute on the right habits that drive consistency which is a main ingredient towards success.

Who is Coaching and Consulting Meant For?

Transaction Coordinators

Whether you are growing a TC Firm or looking to stay independent and become a more proficient TC...we can help! Leverage our experience and proven track record of scaling a profitable and successful TC firm so you can learn how and be guided to do the same!

Real Estate Agents and Brokers

We have walked in your shoes and know what it takes to grow a productive high producing team! If you are looking to scale a real estate business, execute on organizational structure and strategy, and be more productive...then we can help!

Real Estate Brokerage Owners

Starting a brokerage or any business is never easy. We have built a profitable 7 figure business and know what it takes. From structuring brokerage backend systems, developing company strategies and culture, to helping deploy organizational excellence...we have done it and can help you build your brokerage as well!

What’s the difference between business Consulting and Coaching?



A Consultant is an expert in a certain field focused on developing and driving solutions for organizational challenges. The consultant will gather data, provides information where needed, and helps implement the solution being sought.

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A Coach helps uncover your full potential whether personal or professional. This is accomplished through thoughtful engagement where the client being coached is guided to achieve meaningful breakthroughs and results.


  1. Evaluate your systems, database management, structure, and automation strategies.

  2. Build strategy road maps to overcome current business challenges.

  3. Leverage proven systems to accelerate your growth objectives.

  1. Help you remove any barriers to production

  2. Leverage our experience to increase your results

  3. Setup accountability and milestones to ensure you meet goals


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“Team Moncord keeps me on track and organized so that I can work on new business and providing exceptional service to my clients.”


How Moncord Consulting and Coaching Works

Building a 7 figure organization, serving hundreds of agents nationwide, and helping our clients close over $4 Billion in transactions and growing...we have a proven track record of success and growth that YOU can leverage to grow your business. We are about building up others and helping them achieve the success they envision!

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Is Moncord Consulting and Coaching Right for me?

Read through these 6 basic questions we ask real estate agents, transaction coordinators, and brokerage owners when we first chat with them. If you answer yes to any of the following, then our services are right for you.

  • Do lack a technical resource to help drive automation and efficiencies into your business?

  • Are you currently not leveraging all of your systems to their fullest potential?

  • Have you hired other coaches that lacked true experience of building a 7+ figure businesses?

  • Are you behind when it comes to developing a strategy for your business that is practical and holds you accountable?

  • Does your database management suffer making all of your marketing efforts a challenge?

  • Would you like to be held accountable towards success and meeting your goals?

Are you ready to scale?


“Synergy Properties uses Moncord Services since 2015 and we have been able to expand our team through high quality service.”


What’s your strategy?

If you’re looking for help from a leader in the industry with over $4 Billion in transactions closed...then we can help. Fill out the form below to have a member of our team reach out and provide a free audit.