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Trusted Partners and The Role of a Transaction Coordinator

Since launching Moncord Real Estate Professional Services, I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful entrepreneurs & real estate agents who are motivated to crush it and run a successful business. Most ...
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Episode 26 – Our 3 Levels of Communication As A Team

While it’s true that we coordinate transactions for our clients, that’s not all we do. Here’s a little taste of what our services encompass. Learn More About Moncord We get ...
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Episode 25 – Why You Should Consider Hiring a Transaction Coordinator

Hiring a transaction coordinator will help you grow your business because they manage each transaction for you from start to finish. Learn More About Moncord What is a transaction coordinator ...
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Episode 24 – The Value of Hiring a Transaction Coordinator

If you’re thinking of hiring a transaction coordinator but haven’t yet made the decision, take a look at what Tim Mangold of Pivotal Real Estate has to say about Moncord’s ...
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Episode 23 – How to Run a Company With Your Significant Other

Are you and your significant other partners in both life and business? Today I’d like to share some insight on how to make this arrangement successful. Learn More About Moncord ...
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Episode 22 – Introducing: The Moncord Insider Program

Moncord Real Estate Professional Services has an exciting announcement. We are adding in a new program which will be great for new clients to get to know our business. Learn ...
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Episode 21 – An Update From Mike Dorman at Eclipse BMS

I’m excited to welcome Mike Dorman back to discuss Eclipse BMS and how Eclipse can help you stay in front of your prospects and nurture your database. Learn More About ...
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Don’t Miss Out on the PNW Big Badass Real Estate Wealth Expo 2018

Learn More About Moncord The biggest real estate conference in the Pacific Northwest is coming up soon, and today I’m joined by Tarl on-site at one of his new home ...
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Creating a Great Culture for Your Real Estate Team

Learn More About Moncord Today, I want to talk about culture and what that means to your team as an organization.There are three things that I want to go over: ...
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