Episode 24 – The Value of Hiring a Transaction Coordinator

If you’re thinking of hiring a transaction coordinator but haven’t yet made the decision, take a look at what Tim Mangold of Pivotal Real Estate has to say about Moncord’s services.

Today Tim Mangold with Pivotal Real Estate is joining us to discuss why it’s important to hire a transaction coordinator, the service we provide to him. We’ve been clients of his for a long time now, and I would consider him not only a good friend, but also a business consultant who specializes in marketing.

In his first year in real estate, he carried out nine transactions. In his second, he did 18 transactions. This year, he’s on track to do 50. He and his team have sold 19 units year to date, and they’ve already surpassed the units and volume from last year. There are many things that contributed to that growth, one of which, he says, was hiring Moncord. 

Being able to outsource what Tim would call the worst part of the job—the paperwork, contracts, being in compliance with your office, etc.—was a huge relief for him. It wasn’t necessarily doing the tasks that he didn’t like, but rather the stress caused by constantly wondering about whether he’d done this or that small thing. With our help, Tim has felt a weight lifted from his shoulders.

By hiring us as his transaction coordinators, we have allowed him more time and energy to do more transactions. He simply sends the necessary information and documents to his representative here, and then we send it all out to his clients, to escrow, to the listing and buyer side.

At the beginning of his career, Tim was a little scatterbrained as far as where he wanted to focus in the market. Should he cater to off-market properties, first-time homebuyers, a specific geographic region? Back then, I thought that if he didn’t figure it out quickly, that other businesses would swoop in. But with our help, he shored it all up, and I’m really excited to see the growth.

By hiring us as his transaction coordinators, we have allowed him more time and energy to do more transactions.

The biggest value for Tim was the peace of mind he got from not having to close all those open loops he had in his head. The clear mental space allowed him to focus his skills and make more use of the time in the day. When he came to our team, he knew that we knew our way around the business and thought that ours was a business that he could see himself still using several years down the line. 

In terms of cost, Tim says it was a no-brainer. He would have to pay an in-house employee to do the same work that we do at Moncord, except that it would take hundreds of transactions just to break even with the expense of that employee’s wage.

Hopefully, Tim’s insights give you an idea of what you stand to gain by working with us. If you haven’t made a decision to hire a transaction coordinator yet, reach out to me by phone or email and if you want to speak with Tim, you can call him at (425) 205-0791.. We can give you a host of reasons why you should pull the trigger now. Moncord can save you time and money and allow you to dedicate more of your efforts to making your business flourish.

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