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Lead Well…5 Areas Great Leaders Master

By Amanda Creter      Whether you are just beginning your journey into Leadership, or whether you have been leading a team for a while now, a great leader strives to set themselves apart from the rest. These leaders attract and retain the best talent. But what is it about the great leaders out there…

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Real Estate Agents…How much is your time worth?

Earlier this year, we had a real estate agent come to us inquiring on what exactly do we do as transaction coordinators? The interesting aspect of the question was who it was coming from. This particular real estate agent was tenured, which surprised us a bit. There was an assumption made that he would have known the functions and value provided by using a transaction coordinator, but we were mistaken on making this assumption, hence why we felt the need to write this and provide a description and better understanding of the roll of a transaction coordinator, and the time they help give back to the real estate agents they serve.

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Moncord Has Arrived!

Below is our recent press release announcing the launch of our company. We were excited to get our message out to over 500 distribution channels and spread the word about the good work we are doing with the brokers we serve. Moncord Real Estate Professional Services has just launched in Greater Seattle to make life…

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