Are you giving Agents a competitive advantage? Some Real Estate Agents may not think so.

By Alex Mont-Ros and Amanda Creter

As a Real Estate Team Leader or Operator of a Real Estate Firm, what do you do to set yourself apart from other teams and agencies? Do you offer anything to your team that sets you apart? If you aren’t differentiating yourself, why would an Agent choose to join your team or office instead of another down the street?

    It’s a competitive market, and it’s not easy to draw in new talent if you aren’t offering them a differentiator between yourself and the competition.  Options like hands on training and lead generation are great, but many other Real Estate Team Leaders are already doing that as well.  Why not try offering something unique that saves your Real Estate Team valuable time, and allows them to focus on what they should be focusing on; generating new business?

   That’s where offering a Transaction Coordination Program comes in.  Larger agencies are offering this service to attract agents, and it’s working!  Real Estate Agents didn’t choose this career path to focus the bulk of their time on paperwork, follow-up, and monitoring.  They want to drive new business.  They can’t do that from a desk while managing calls, emails, texts and other correspondence on multiple files all at once, and not to mention maintaining their client base and likely their sanity.  Offering a “game changing” service benefit like Transaction Management adds hours back into each working day and sets you apart, and will have agents lining up to join your team.  When their clients can correspond directly with the Transaction Coordinator for specific updates, and your agent(s) don’t have to stop what they are doing constantly to manage and coordinate the transaction that is already mutual, Real Estate Agents will see the value in you and what you have to offer.

              “When building my Team, I had to look at what I would have wanted or needed to better my business practice, and allow me to do what I did best – benefit my clients.  What I realized was that real estate sales people are typically great at one of two things: highly effective human interaction, or precision business management; however, very rarely are we as agents “great” at both.  Transaction Management was a natural plug & play asset for my Team as we grew.  Moncord handles the details, while we go out and make dreams come true for our clients!” Justin W. Richards, Keller Williams Realty, Bellevue WA (Follow him on Facebook)

    Besides helping you differentiate yourself in a saturated market, implementing a Transaction Coordination System for your team helps YOU.  Most Team Leaders without a Transaction Coordinator don’t have the ability to monitor their team’s transactions while in processes.  Without the ability to oversee and regulate what their team is doing, they are unable to help or steer their team in the right direction for success.  Adopting a Transaction Coordination Program will help you facilitate smooth transactions for your Agents, and will help you standardize a process company wide.  How does this make a difference?  This helps you keep track more efficiently of what is taking place with your team’s transactions, and consolidates everything in an effort to make it seamless and ensure your team is running as smoothly as possible.

That’s the type of team that will attract new talent and continue to grow.


***Justin W. Richards | ALC Board Member | Keller Williams Realty – Bellevue, WA

Team Size: 7 | Estimated 2016 Transaction Volume: 125+ sides / $50 Million+

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