Why Shari Describes Moncord as Dialed In and ON IT

Shari Jansen: Avenue Properties

Shari Jansen: Avenue Properties

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“Well, since I introduced the two of them, through real estate working at Keller Williams years back as a CEO team leader, Alex and Lisa started doing transactions for their office. I had just moved to a new office called Avenue Properties and he said, can you give me shot? I said I’d love to, absolutely love to. So that’s how we began and I introduced them to our whole company and just started, every deal we have, we use Alex and Lisa, every single one. We had a very difficult transaction, it was a custom build, international buyer. He’s a principal for a new division of Microsoft, high end stuff. It took 10 months from the time we basically stole the house from the builder. We brought Lisa in upon purchase and sale, huge deposits of earnest monies, big chunks of money. I mean that girl probably should have been paid quadruple what she got! Because they were there the entire 10 months keeping this family in the loop which was really important. The things that she would view as important were on my priority they were hers, which made her a master of what she did and I was a master at what I did so that’s how we team approach. It turned to be awesome, we’re all good friends, this family we’ve made very dear friends with them. It turned out amazing actually. They are ON IT. They absolutely don’t skip a beat. They have their checklists, checklists, and checklists. Which going into a different company, having them going into ours, she was familiar with the paperless pipeline it was really our master checklist for our designated broker, and she just dialed in, knew everything. The intro letters that she sends to the clients right from the time of purchase and sale agreement are incredible. She’s does a lot of explaining of things that as a new buyer, things like that, she really handles that beautifully. I say she, but it’s Lisa and Alex. So yeah, very, very happy with them. We just hand them a file, and once that electronic file goes over I know it will get done, I don’t have to worry about it. She sends us everything that is checked off and done so we know it’s completed. I don’t have to double check her, she double checks me which I love that. They’re very, very good and always keeping you informed and CC-ing clients, CC-ing all parties and keeping everyone in the loop. She’s made it so that, we just closed two pendings this last week, we’re just selling so my time isn’t in the office it’s out in the car with my clients.”  Shari of Avenue Properties

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