Why Roger Trusts Moncord to Get Things Done

Roger Bitner Sr.: Synergy Properties

Roger Bitner Sr.: Synergy Properties

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“Lisa was referred to me from an escrow officer that I’ve done business with for a long time. And that probably occurred, I don’t want to say the exact date but let me think about this for a second, probably she’s been my transaction coordinator for three years plus. And so it was an introduction, a referral from an escrow officer that I trusted and did business with. I’m used to being a business owner so lets just say that in the first two years with Lisa, I’m a believer in that when you hire somebody, [you] let them do their job, so I basically did not talk to Lisa for the first two years, and I met her probably two years after I hired her. So basically she gets it done, and I only ask her to call me if it’s an emergency and she can’t solve the problem, so that’s how she helps me. Well I’ve referred them to probably four or five brokers within the framework of our office at Keller Williams over the last couple of months. They’re responsive, I love their online cloud based transaction system. It gives me access over my cellphone, my iPad, over any computer that I’m accessible to. It allows my back office admin to track what’s going on. I work off of a template in agreement that I’ve worked with her on certain tasks that she performs for me and the greatest thing that I can say to the people that I refer to is that she gets it done and you don’t have to worry about it. I pay them for the services and we just negotiated all the steps that take the burdens of closing a transaction off my back. And it’s rare that she has to chase me to have me solve a problem that she can’t solve herself. Not quite sure what else I could do other than I’d give her five stars and I’ve recommended her to other agents and I don’t take a recommendation lightly.”

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