Improve Your Marketing Campaigns By Adding This Tool To Your Arsenal

Today I’m here with Tim Mangold, who is a digital advisor for Moncord, to share some cool things with you on how to better market your listings. 

To really step up your marketing game, you need to use custom property websites. These websites generate more listings and market those listings more successfully. is the brand, and the websites can normally be purchased for $150 here.

However, today we are offering these websites for only $33! Reserve your order in the next seven days to lock in that great deal.

Better yet, if you are new to Moncord and have never done a transaction with us, but decide to give us an opportunity to provide you with Transaction or Listing Coordination Services, we will credit a one time $33 on your first transaction. So in essence it’s FREE on your first order to try property websites!

Most of the time, real estate agents have their print marketing game on point. They present beautiful flyers or have special brochures about a property, but we see them struggle with digital marketing. 

Custom property websites are your digital solution.

Using Tim’s custom property websites has given his team some great results, and they want to share that success with other brokers. 

Everyone knows that buyers start their home searches online, so presenting them with a website that contains all your listings will really wow them.  

If you purchase one, you’ll get to speak with Tim’s team who will show you how you can use it to generate the most business. It’s more than just a website that looks good. It really is your first step to creating a great digital marketing plan that will be the foundation for capturing leads. 

We use the website to capture those leads in two ways. 

First, Tim’s team offers a free pre-inspection report and a tips and tricks document that explains how to submit the most competitive offer. Second, we put a tracking pixel on the homepage which will continue to advertise to potential leads as they surf the web. 

There is so much more about the websites that you should know, so I encourage you to email Tim at or call 425-205-0791 with any and all questions you may have. This really is a great digital marketing solution. To order a custom property website, just click here!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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