Continuing Our Talk With Attorney Vincent Humphrey

Welcome to the second half of my discussion with attorney Vincent Humphrey. When we last left off, we were exploring all the advantages a broker could gain by reaching out to an attorney and establishing a professional partnership. 

As stated in part one of this interview, a broker not forging a true partnership with an attorney is a missed opportunity in the real estate industry. 

Vincent talks to many different managing brokers at different real estate firms, and from a brokerage standpoint, many times there is an attorney behind the triggering events of why a person or a family needs to buy or sell a house. In this way, it’s a benefit for the attorney to have this working relationship as well. 

If you’re a broker and you’re interested in everything a professional relationship with an attorney can provide, Vincent would be more than happy to speak with you, fill you in on all the details, and see if you would be a good fit. From there, you would build your network and add value to your business. Many times, it’s not about your immediate need—it’s about who you know in your network who you can build a bond with in your own respective businesses. 

An attorney can provide you with information that could be a value add for one of your clients.

Once you build that relationship, more of your immediate needs can get taken care of. For example, if you’re trying to sell a home for a client who’s going through a nasty divorce and you’re not sure how long before you can close and move on to your next deal, a lawyer can step in and offer their advice on how to settle the situation. 

If it is a good symbiotic fit between you and them, they can provide you with more information that could be a value add for one of your clients, which can then allow you to focus more on your more important tasks instead of laboring over any stress points. Vincent and his firm call having this resource an “access to justice.” If you don’t know somebody who can offer you access to justice—not just in a criminal setting—that can be perilous. Establishing that communication and building that relationship will lead to client referrals.  

I’ve known Vincent for a long time, and he adds a tremendous amount of value to many other brokers I know. Whether it’s him or someone else, it would be wise for you to consider strategically aligning yourself with an attorney. 

Once again, if you have any questions for Vincent or you would like to reach out to him, you can call him at (206) 946-8580 or email him at

If you have any questions for me, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be happy to help you. 


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