Why Moncord Allows Lisa More Freedom and Less Worry

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Lisa Serratos-McGregor

Synergy Properties-Keller Williams Realty Federal Way

Lisa Serratos-McGregor

“Well that’s a good story, I had a partner in the last two years that was using Lisa at Moncord previously and told me all the great things that they do. I did not believe until I’d seen it and started working with them and I’ve been able to give them all of my transactions this year. I have been able to save a lot of money due to not having another employee expense, they’ve done a great job just keeping all of my deals together, great communication, and a great platform. I would say the previous listing coordinator that they had that worked with them, she was just on the ball at all times. I think she over-worked! I always felt like she actually worked for me directly just because she was so on top of communication and just getting things done and very detailed. I would tell people that it’s just a great resource in your real estate business to keep things organized. You’ll have less calls from clients because they’re informed, they know what’s going on. It’s a very nice platform again to be able to go back to, to have all your paperwork in line, and everything is uploaded so if you ever have any issues you can just go back in and grab access to it. Regarding building my business and more time, I would say just because I trust them now, it took time to build that trust to have different coordinator than I originally started with and so it took like a month to get stabilized with that. But at the end of the day I trust her, she’s always doing things with a smile, she’s again very on top of everything and it’s been able to allow me more freedom and less worry.”

– Lisa Serratos-McGregor

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